The CCST Midwifery programme will prepare students to provide high quality patient and health care services. Cardinal to the programme is a dedication to inculcate in our students and department the values and skills necessary for the pursuit of life-long learning and dedication to community service.

Our graduates will possess clinical and technical competence and skills necessary for the practice of professional midwife, utilizing practice-based learning and understanding that the professional nurse is an in integral member of the health care team. The programme will produce highly knowledgeable, skilled compassionate midwives to help meet the biophycosocial health needs of the Society. CCST graduates will conduct themselves in a professional manner, utilize appropriate inter personal language, personal integrity and an attitude of respect for self and others.

Generally, the programme is intended to produce competent professional midwives who will give quality healthcare and services in the community, clinics and hospitals. The Midwife will give emotional support to clients and their relatives by collaborating with other health workers. Specifically the programme will:
i. prepare a cadre of midwives employable for delivering of quality midwifery services to all age groups
ii. produce polyvalent midwives with comprehensive academic education in midwifery
iii. strengthen midwifery practice at the community and national levels
iv. develop a midwifery research capacity among midwives
v. .prepare graduates for admission onto midwifery register of the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana.

Specific Objectives for the Programme
To produce professionals who will:
i. ii. Demonstrate ability to deliver quality midwifery care.
iii. Create appropriate rapport with clients and families, as well as other health professionals.
iv. Demonstrate proficiency in performing midwifery skills, tasks and procedures.
v. Deliver midwifery care in a humane in a humane environment.
vi. Demonstrate professional integrity, and respect for clients and others.
vii. Protect the confidentiality and trust of clients/patients at all times.
viii. Protect the confidentiality of clients at all times.
ix. Demonstrate proficiency in the use of pantograph in managing labour.
x. Demonstrate ability in effective management of obstetric emergency