Fill the form below accurately and completely

1. Personal Information

(DBS, Diploma, HND)

2. Contact Address

6. Employment

7.0 Parent/Guardian

3. Are you a mature applicant?

(Note: Mature applicant should be at least 25 years. You must attach a copy of your birth certificate to the completed forms)

4. Programme of Study

5. Education and Training
5.1 Give details of your WASSCE/SSSCE

Subjects and Grades

Declaration by Applicant

- I have answered the above questions as fully and as honestly as possible and hereby apply for entry into BIMAKS College of Business and Health Sciences.

- I have read and agreed to the BIMAKS College values, and wish to be considered for admission to the course chosen/indicated in this application form.

- I declare that the information supplied in this application are correct and complete.

- I acknowledge that the provision of false or misleading information may result in the cancellation of this application and/or withdrawal of any offer and/or enrollment with immediate expulsion from the University College.

- I authorize the College to verify any information provided by me.

- I understand that this application shall be the property of BIMAKS College


Applicants are required to submit:

i. Scanned certified true copies of all certificates.

ii. Passport size photograph.

iii.Scanned Signature(jpg.png)

iv. A copy of ID card. (National ID, Health Insurance, Driving License, Passport, Voter ID, etc).

v.International applicants include photocopy of the personal details page and visa page of their passport.

After careful entry of data and submission:

  • A PDF will be generated and should be downloaded and printed.
  • Applicant should proceed to the bank(Agricultural Development Bank – Account No. 1151010114704601) with the printed PDF to make payment of the application fee (100GHC)
  • After payment,scanned copy of banker’s draft should be made and emailed to